Solar Plexus - Chakra

The planet and the collectives Solar Plexus is all about inner power, unconditional love and acceptance to oneself, respect for one self and thereby also for the collective. 

When our Solar Plexus is not in balance, we are lacking self-confidence, self-love, and self-respect. We are not centered in our light, and we are constantly asking our outer world to mirror us, to cover us with love and respect, and to acknowledge us for whatever we are doing.


In other words: we are looking for the other world to cover us with love, to show us, what our inner light and life purpose are supposed to be.


By doing so, we are getting further and further apart from our inner truth, our soul, and a balanced Solar Plexus.  

As a consequence, we are getting frustrated, angry, and tense, as the outer world is not responding as expected – when the outer world is not “giving us, what we think we deserve/are entitled to”. 

However, when you do not love, accept, and respect yourself, the outer world cannot do so either. 

You need to look inside, connect with your soul, and to your inner truth, to your highest self, and your life purpose.  

We as individuals needs to understand, that it is not the responsibility of our surroundings, to love us, respect us, or provide us with the answers. This all starts with you, loving yourself, respecting yourself, and understand your higher purpose of this life on this planet earth.  

We all have a unique purpose on this planet – and a unique karma we are looking to solve. Mirroring yourself in others, - comparing yourself to others, will therefore only take you further apart from your highest self.


When we as individuals have an unbalanced Solar Plexus, it is impacting the Solar Plexus of the earth.


The chakra of the collective will therefore also be unbalanced. This will be shown as a strong need for control by authorities and leaders, a need for manipulation and polarization, and pushing individuals further and further apart from what they know by heart is their truth. 

We will see leaders and authorities being willing to do almost anything to continue to stay in power, to force their unbalanced Solar Plexus on others, looking for the collectives to give them the love, they are lacking themselves.  

And we will see people receiving  this push from authorities from and unbalanced solar plexus, mirroring authorities and leaders need for love, acceptance, and respect. By accepting this push people will fell a short-term relief. 

However, this is not bringing more balance to the Solar Plexus – just the contrary, this will bring more unbalance, as the individuals are out of contact with their highest self, not standing in their own light, and still looking for the outer world to bring love, respect and acceptance.  

Love, respect, and acceptance starts with each individual, it starts with you. Once your Solar Plexus is balanced, you energy and light will spread to others, and we will all start supporting the balance of the Solar Plexus of the Planet Earth. We will see more and more people respecting one another, respecting the choices we are making each day, supported by our inner truth and life purpose.

We will all make our choices from a place filled with love, respect and acceptance, and our choices and decisions will no longer be controlled by the ego, or made to receive the love, respect, and acceptance of others.  

As our decisions and choices are all made from a place of love, and the respect, love and acceptance, we will start seeing that our surroundings are responding to this way of living their highest truth, and they will get in a more balanced place as well, not needing the outer world to provide love, respect, and acceptance. 


As we all move forward and upwards to the next level, from a spiritual perspective, we will help the Solar Plexus of the planet earth to balance, and the control, manipulations, and egos we see today, will vanish slowly over the coming years.