Sacral Chakra

The planet and the collectives Sacral Chakras are all about acceptance, respect, and love to one another. It is related to passion, sexuality and social acceptance.  

If you Sacral Chakra is unbalanced, you will find it difficult to be playful, to live your passion and you are concerned of how other people see you.  

You have a feeling of not belonging, not being a part of the community, the family, your workplace,  etc. 

You are afraid, you are not good enough, that you have nothing to offer, and if other people sees no value, when they look at you.  

You feel like, you are sitting outside looking in, even though you are a part of a social event, or together with other people. It seems like, you are not truly a part of the community, and you are always concerned if others are accepting you, or even like you.  

As a concequence,you put on a face, hide behind a mask, and not being truly authentic, or honest – not only with others, but also with yourselves.  

As we are twisting and turning ourselves to what we believe the outside is expecting or wanting from us, we are also moving further and further apart from our passion, our joy.

By doing so, the outside world are responding to us, by distancing, and we are then distancing further to the world, as we are concerned, if "they" will realize, we are not “ truly worth” their love and acceptance.  

If we are not true to who we are, and understand, that we are all loved and accepted for who we are, our surroundings will continue distancing from us. 

This is directly impacting the Sacral Chakra of the Planet Earth, and the chakra of the collectives. 

We will see this as a split between “us and them”, strong polarization, war, and a need for groups of people to out-shame others. IT is all about  “right and wrong, - who is right, and who is wrong”. It is seen in families, in working environment, in society and between countries and regions. It will continue to escalate until we understand that we all have a role to play, a reason for being here, and all brings value to the collective and planet earth.


We will see people taking exploitingothers, and people accepting almost anything - including things, they are told, even when it is not alligned to their own inner truth and believes -  as long as they are left with a feeling of belonging -being a part of the “right people – the right community”.  

Over the years, we have seen this over and over again. We see this in countries like USA, Europe, and in the more “mature” countries. 

For 3rd world countries, the acceptance of authorities and their version of the truth relates to the root chakra – surviving mode, whilst for mature markets, this relates to unbalanced Sacral Chakra´s, and the fear of not being a part of the right community.

The recent years with Trump as president is another example, as is the global on-going “us and them” “vaccinated-un-vaccinated” polarization due to the pandemic.  

Our unbalanced Sacral Chakra provides emotional instability to the Planet Earth, to the collectives, and emotions like fear, anger, frustration, polarization, emotional distance, and stress are currently raising to new heights caused by unbalanced Sacral Chakras.  

This fear, anger, frustration etc. is shiftingempowerment from individuals to the masses, - to the authorities, and will cause a decrease in the vibration and frequence of the collectives as well as the individuals.


We need to get the Sacral Chakra at both individual and collective levels into a more balanced place, to ensure we are keeping sovereignty, live our passion and as our true self, which again will bring more balance to the Earth Planet as well as the collective.

karina moll, soul movement