Introduction to the Chakras of the Planet Earth 

Through my journey of Spiritual Awakening, the Universe, my guides and angels has gently shown me my purpose of this life on this Planet Earth - to share the way we are all connected, and how chakras are not only at a personal level, but that everything has chakras.  

Everything and everyone is energy, and we are therefore all connected. We are impacting and being impacted by one another through every step we take, and even the steps we don´t take.  

We are also all connected to the Planet Earth, and our energy, both as individuals and as collective are impacting Planet Earth. When we are acting from an unbalanced/selfish place, we are transferring this unbalance to the Planet Earth.  

To minimize any negative impact on Mother Earth, it is vital that we keep our chakras balanced. When we are not fully balanced, this unbalanced vibration is sent to Planet Earth as well.


When we are acting from a selfish, unbalanced, disrespectful, unloving place, we are not standing in our light, and are not connected to our soul and highest good. The actions we make are impacting the Collectives chakras, as well as the chakras of Planet Earth. 


To create balance, peace, love, respect, and acceptance it is vital, that we are all guided by our highest self, acting from a place filled with love, acceptance, and respect.  This is sometimes challenging and it can be difficult to stay connected to your heart, your passion, your joy and life purpose. However, when we are able to stand in our light, and speak our true, we are also feeling more happy, balanced and at peace. Even Science recognize, that when you are living according to your core values, you are less stressed, and feel more happy. 

So, in essens, when we are living our purpose, speaking our truth, and are connected to our heart, soul and passion, we will raise the vibrations of not only ourselves, but also the Collective and Planet Earth, to the 5th dimension, - a place of love, peace, and harmony. 

Through channeling I have been shown how our unbalanced chakras are impacting the Collective and Planet Earth, and how this is manifesting in the outer world. I have also been shown how humanity, authorities and leaders are acting and responding from an unbalanced place as a consequence. 

I have also been advised which actions can be made to support each of the chakras to help raise the energy and balance the chakras, not only at a personal level, but also as a collective.  

I will share this channeling with you all, so we as lightworkers and as a collective, can help, support, and guide others to balance their chakras, raise their vibration and step into their next level to support the evolution of humanity into a more loving and peaceful place.