The Heart Chakra


The planet and the collectives heart chakra is all about unconditional love. When balanced we will experience worldwide peace, happiness, unity, respect for all living creatures, love and forgiveness


If the collective heart chakra is unbalanced, we will experience flooding, fire in the nature, pandemics, tsunami, volcano exploding, and other disasters in the nature and wild.


Through our unbalanced ego´s focusing on getting more and more of everything, we are pulling away – not only ourselves, but also the planet earth and the collective from the higher self, the soul, and the inner truth.


We as humans in this here and now are pulling the planet earth and the collective heart chakra apart, if we are not getting back to our inner peace, our truth, and purpose on this planet. We are constantly seeking to take advantage of all and everything, other living creatures, the planet, the energy of the collectives, and by doing so we are putting the heart chakra of the collective apart.


It is cracking, and the chakra is crying silent tears the more humankind is focusing on exploiting all possible, and even impossible. The only way, the earth planet and collective can get humankinds attention is by bringing disasters and diseases to our world here and now.


We need to lift our vibration and move to our individual next level finding our individual inner truth. We need to get united with our higher self, our soul, listen carefully to our inner truth, and start living our purpose.


By doing so, we are balancing our heart chakra individually, and by doing so, we are healing the collective and earth planets heart chakra.


More and more people are becoming aware of this, and every day more and more people are awakening, raising their frequency, starting listening to their higher self.


However, those spiritual awakening needs to support those, who are still managed by their ego, and who is in a very unbalanced place.


When we listen to our soul, and stay connected to the Universe, we are spiritual awakening. We start spreading light to our surroundings and supports the healing of the world chakra. All of those moving out of 3rd dimension into 5th dimension will become lightworkers, and through this process, we are all healing the earth planet and collectives heart chakra.


Not everyone is ready for this journey, and as lightworkers, we will be impacted by the Ego´s in the 3rd dimensional world. However, as time passes by, more and more people are becoming light workers, and the healing of the planet earth and collective heart chakra will accelerate, and thereby the vibration of the Ego´s will be pushed to a higher vibration as well.