If you want to learn more about animal telepathy, and how it can be of help to you and your animal, please contact me directly for more information.You can also book me for a lecture on Essential Oils for animals, and how it can help and support you and your animal. 

Telepathy and the personality of animals. 

Most people, who are used to animals, know that all animals are different - not only between species but also within species.

During this lecture, I share insight on animals personality, how do you recognize these personalties, and what motivates and demotivates based on personality. 
You get some tips and tools as to how you can help your animal, pending on personality and also how to improve your relation with your animal. 

I do also share insight about telepathy, what is it, and how does it work?
And how can telepathy help you and your animal day to day. 
Everyone can do telepathy, and as a owner of an animal, you do properly already speak to and with your animal every day. 
Get a few tips as to how you improve your ability to hear you animal yourself. .

Essential Oils

What is Essential Oils, and how can it help you and your animal.

Essential oils is the medicine of the nature, and each oil has a unique way of helping you and your animal.
Some oils are supporting you, when you need to be able to speak your boundaries, and some helps for a better sleep.Some even helps when you have eczema.
The essential oils can help in so many ways, and during this lecture I share more details on how to use them and how they can help you and your animals.