What is Reiki?

Reiki is Japanese, and  means Universal Energy of life.

Reiki is a gentle, intensive and efficient way of healing. It can help curing various physical challenges, and helps you achieve balance, and inner peace in your body and soul. This goes for humans as well as for animals.

Reiki strenghtens your immune system, and reduces stress and tensions. Reiki also supports and activates your bodys healings process. 

When healed you can experience multiple things - this varies from person to person, even from session to session. Often you feel heat/cold, goosebumps,  tickling, or even fall asleep during the healing. Some feel multiple things, and some feels nothing. 

But no matter what, Reiki works, and will ensure, you get the healing where you need it the most. 

It supports you exactly where you are, and support other treatments or therapies, whether medicine, reflexology, psykhotherapy, chiropractic etc. 

Reiki works through energy in your or your animals chakras, and I can support with both healing to a body or mental issue or a  specific situation (as an example: examinations, operations or interviews).

Reiki has proven very efficient with sensitive kids, and help these kids achieve peace, balance, self-confidence and the courage to deal with the outer world. 

A session is usually 1 hour, including 15 minutes of follow up conversation when the healing is completed. For animals it is usually max. 45 minutes, pending on the size of the animal. 

I always recommend 4 sessions within 21 days to achieve best possible effect. This ensures your energy system is boosed and gets the support needed.