Clairvoyance & coaching

Sometimes life might seem difficult, - what is my purpose, and where am I going from here.Or it might be difficult to achieve the inner peace needed to find your path forward. 

I reach out to your guides, and through clairvoyance and coaching I will help you find your way forward. You will find inner peace, and get the tools needed to move forward from here.

I ask your guides or spirits to support you, and to share advise and guidance for you to get to a better position from where you are today. 

You will learn to trust your intuition, and how to live with passion - life is not supposed to be difficult, just the contrary - we are supposed to live with joy and ease, - at least most of the time. 

I have more than 20 years of experience in coaching with a number of certifications as well, amongst others an english master in coaching and strategic leadership. 

I am a certified clairvoyance coach and Reiki Healer (The Reiki Alliance), By combining all of these educations, I am able to provide you with unique tools to overcome your obstacles and challenges. 

You can be coached both business and career wise, but also on personal matters, and your personal development.Anything from stress, depressions, no joy or passion, or even finding your passion and the way to live your passion. 

Now and then it make sence to combine clairvoyance and healing, for the healing to support you through the journey disclosed through the clairvoyance. The healing will support your body, mind and soul, in a gentle and loving way, to move forward, and make the steps needed.