Telepathy - the voice of the animals

You properly already know the feeling, of your animal trying to make you understand - and it most likely is trying to speak to you. 

Animals do have a voice -however we often just don´t listen.
I am a certified animal telepathist, and have spoken with hundreds of animals, cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, goats, and other kinds of animals. 

There could be many reasons, why you want to speak to your animal. You might have a behavioral or physical challenge, or maybe you just want to check how your animal is doing.

Maybe you would like some tips and ideas as to how you can strenghten your relationsship or improve the training - your reason can be anything. 

No matter the reason for you to get in contact with your animal, I offer a telepathy (via teams), telling you about the personality, well-being, physical challenges, and relationships to close relations, including the owner. You will get help on how to overcome the challenges you might experience, and get a much better understanding of what your animal would like more or less off, and how you can optimize the training. 

I get the messages in 3 different ways, pending on the animal, and what the animal would like to tell. 
Sometimes I get sentences or feelings, and if there are any physical issues, I often feel the pain myself.

You will be on a teams call with me, as I speak with your animal, and will be able to ask all questions you like during the 1 hour sessions. This ensures, that you are not left with more questions after the conversation. 

The conversation can be with both living as deceased animals. 
I can combine the telepathy with healing, which ensures an optimization of the healing, as the animal informs me what it needs, and I can explain to the animal what will happen during healing. My experience is, that most animals loves healing, but would like to understand up front, what will happenn.