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Living your life with Passion

According to professor Kennon Sheldon authentic behaviour can be described as follow:

"The choice to behave and express who we truly are"

Reality is, that it can be very difficult to hold on to your core v alues, to who you really are. We are often concerned about what other thinks, if we are good enough, or if we are stepping on anybodies toes. 
As a result, you can get stressed, depressed, de-motivated and feel empty and without any joy of life - all as a result of you not living according to your core values.

During this course I will help you find your core values, and you will get tools to get back on track, living in passion and joy. 

What is "Authenticity"?

According to the English scientist, Alex Wood, we are authentic when:

  1. We know and understand ourselves
  2. Our behaviour and actions reflects our core values
  3. We accept, that our outer world has an impact on us (The more we change our behaviour to fit in, the further apart from our authentic selves we are).
For us to be able to develop intimacy and strong relationsship, the most important thing, is to be authentic. Living according to and wiht our core values, others are feeling secure and respected. At the same time, science has shown, that people living according to their core values are more happy, satisfied and less stressed. 

Join me on this one-day on-line training, and I will help you get back to your core values, and together we will develop a plan on how you can live your life more authentic, with more passion and bring more happiness and less stress into your life. 

I will guide you through 4 steps, that has been developed by international scientist, and by parring this with meditation and mindfullness you will get clear guidance and tools on how to live your life more authentic at all levels. 


On-Line training with max 10 participants.

Language: English
Cost:  Euro 400 

Date: 12th of May 2022, 10 AM - 4 PM CET

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