Based on your spiritual journey, your dream and vision, we will, during 5 modules, focus on converting those into action. 

We will combine your journey with clear visions and goals, and I will support you in implementing a strong action and implementation plan. 

The end goal is to ensure, you can live your dream and passion. 

Business Basic - What is it?

Business Basic is a 5 module course, focusing on defining your dream and passion, and convert it into a business, you can live with and from.

We will develop plans and tools for you and your business, which can easily be implemented after the training is completed. 

During the course, I will help you get in contact with your guides, balance your chakra´s and improve your ability to trust your intuition, guides and instinct. 

We will focus on your dream, to ensure it is absolutely clear to you, and thereby create the best foundation for your next step. 

To be able to live our dream, we need to be able to transform and convert our dream to action -in other words, we need to start living our dream. Not until we have converted and transformed our dream into action plans, will we be able to implement and fully live our dream:


Module 1:  Identify your dream
Module 2:  What holds you back? - Blokages and balancing
Module 3:  Let the universe help you - Get in contact with your guides

Module 4:  1:1 - Session, Dreams and defining your goal
Module 5:  "Your Authentic Self", "S(strength)W(weakness)O(opportunities)T(threats) as well as U(unique)S(selling)P(point) analysis of your dream, and "Your Authentic Self", develop "SMART"-overview

During the training, you will receive meditations, frames for developing plans and analysis as well as support completing these plans. 
You will get on-line support through FB group for you and the other participants only. 
You will receive private coaching and support to develop your unique action plan and business strategy


(all modules are on-line and in English

  • Module 1: 21. of March, 2022, 10 AM-2 PM, CET 
  • Module 2: 11. of April, 2022, 10 AM-2 PM, CET
  • Module 3: 2. of May, 2022, 10 AM-2 PM, CET
  • Module 4:  1:1 - week 20 and 21
  • Module 5: 13. of June, 2022, 10 AM-2 PM, CET

Price, including 1:1 coaching session (worth: Euro 150) :       Euro: 1.680 ex VAT