The 7 main chakras

Chakra´s are Energy Centers

Our chakras are energy centers, and how we develop, the way we see our self, our self confidence etc. are all based in one of the chakras

If our chakras are blocked and unbalanced, our life is out of flow, unbalanced, we live without passion and energy. 

An unbalanced chakra can also manifest in your physical body, and not only through your emotions. 
If you are focusing on balancing your chakras, you will remove the blockings, that prevent balance and flow from being the foundation of your life. The chakras are all connected through your energy line, and if one chakra is unbalanced this will impact the other chakras as well. 
To create balance in your chakras, you need to start with the one chakra causing the challenge from the beginning. 
I have created a on-line course, where you focus on the key chakra, and at the same time balancing the other chakras, to ensure you get more passion, flow and energy back into your life. 

Sacral Chakra

The Sacral chakra is our energy center for creativity, passion, sexuality, and the feeling of beloning. 

When the Sacral Chakra is in balance, you will experience: 

You feel, live and enjoy life to the fullest
your relationsships are healthy and balanced, both close relationsships and less close. 
you are in contact wiht your emotions, creativity and feel the passion inside you. 

If your Sacral Chakra is out of balance, you will experience:

Emotional:                            Physical:

- Tired and insecure                        - challenged pelvic floor
- Lack of control and overview                    - challenged bladder
- Lack of creativity                          - challenged cyklus and hormon balance 
- no passion and joy of life                       - probelms with "fluids" (blood deseases, lymph issues, etc.)
- Challenged when changes arrive
- Mood swings
- Aggressive 
- Get energized from drama and conflicts
- Depended / co-depended
- Depending on others
- Worried about what other people thinks or mean. 

Do you experience one or more of the above, you need to balance your Sacral Chakra, and start working with conscious on the blokages in this chakra. Join me on this amazing journey, and find back home to your joy, passion and inner peace - and get more flow back into your life. 

The Journey - Sacral Chakra

You receive a video, where I teach you how to balance your chakra, and how to work your blokages to improve your balance. You receive a work-sheet with exercises and reflections alongside with an introduktion to how you from a spiritual perspective can create more balance in this chakra. This includes exercises, and tips for you to implement going forward. 
You receive 2 meditations, - one focusing on overall balance in all your chakras, and one, focusing on your Sacral Chakra. I will step into your energy during the Sacral Chakra meditation, and help you heal this chakra whilst you meditate. Information:
You will receive the material via e-mail, once you have signed up. 
Pricing: Euro: 340 

This includes a 1:1 clairvoyance session 

1:1 Clairvoyance Coach Session med mig

You will also get a 1:1 clairvoyance session with me, where I tune in on your, and where your guides will  share advise and guidance on how best to proceed, and how to find back to your soul and heart. 
Value: Euro 150

Essential Oils

You will receive a recipe of an oil blend customized to support your journey.